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  • Daleks in Wartime

    Posted on May 26th, 2009 MudBug 7,954 comments

    Dalek Skeletons

    Soon after I snapped this photo of Dalek Skeletons in Seattle, i was waiting in line inside the Mens room in Uwajamaya. We were all passively ignoring one another as we waited our turn. A stall opened up and a fellow dashed in. There were the usual fabric rustling noises, and the click clanking of a belt buckle dancing freely. And then a clattering skittering noise that was almost the sound of a cell phone dashing for freedom. Those of us in line are about to smirk, and indicate w/ our silent eyes that we hate when that happens. But then we notice the clink clatter was a little more metallic than usual. And then a hand dashes out under the stall wall and retrieves the handgun that was lying on the floor.

    And so this proves that an armed citizenry is a safe citizenry. Had he dropped his wallet, we slobbering criminals would have descended upon it like a wounded rabbit, tearing it’s green innnards from it’s dried leathery hide. Had he dropped his pipe, we would have thrust our trembling addict lips around it and smoked it clean on the bathroom floor. But a handgun?! Leave it lay.


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    • CourvoisierOfSorrow

      What pocket do you keep a gun in that causes it to fall out when preparing to drop a deuce?

    • I remember Rob Corddry doing a bit on The Daily Show about footwear in mensrooms and the signals you were sending with them (crocs = up for pretty much anything) I’m not sure what the gun thing means.

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    • golden goose sito ufficiale…

      n ascendente, con occasionali periodi di discesa rapida, ma inthe principale sempre crescente. All’improvviso, mi resi conto del fatto chela conducente era in atto di tirare i cavalli nel cortile di avast castello in rovina, dalle cui alte finestre n…

    • ルイヴィトンバッグコピー…

      弊店は経済的、魅力的、機能的な時計を揃える時計の通販ネットショップです。 弊店成立以来、お客様に安心と信頼、自分に信用第一を目標としてずっと頑張っています。ロレックス 人気 ランキング ボーイズ,ロレックス 時計 デイトナ,ロレックス ブログは独自の合金で、特有の光沢と高貴な雰囲気を醸している。 静寂と活力、冷静さと大胆さの融合は圧倒的な魅力を発揮し、強い個性を時計にもたらしている。広大愛好者簡単に手に入るために当店は全ての商品が最安値に挑戦します。 珍しいのでこのチャンスを見逃さないでください‼…

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