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  • For my friends in hipster lock-up down south

    Posted on September 25th, 2009 MudBug 31,501 comments


    Friday afternoon work-beer goes out to all of you trapped in down there in pabst-ruled hipster lockdown.  I tip each ice-cold,  maltysmooth, bubblesip in your honor.  The Free live in the shadow of Rainier, and the truly Free live in her 5′oclock shadow.  rAle for what ails you.

    I’ve been carryin’ some heavy melancholy as the season changes – watching total beauty in the harvest/NaturalShutdown of the nutrient cycle.  Fearing the winter, and already feelin’ her cold dark nails tearing at my eyes.  This winter is gonna be a right bitch, but on the other side I can already hear the dutch countryside singing.  Roadburn 2010.  I don’t need to get it tattooed cuz i’ve got scar tissue from the future forming on my arms and around my eyelids – it appears we lost atmosphere the next time around – pack for Space.