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  • Freak Brothers Movie Trailer

    Posted on October 28th, 2009 Rudy 10,556 comments


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    • This sucks…

      I make a point of reading everything before I see the movie. Ie- I read all of the Tolkien shit before I went to see that thing w/ the elves and stuff. And I read all the Dune books before I watched ol’ Sting strut around.

      But… I’m afraid I’ve been reading the same 2 FFFB’s comics for the past 20 years. By the time I start one, I can’t remember what was in the previous one.

      So, I guess I need to get to reading. Good thing the flick isn’t made yet.

    • This is the movie America needs. I will wait in line to see this (if they finish)

    • sorry I can’t get it right on the embed HTML thing. I tried twice.

    • Hot Nuts Beer Mug

      I got this to work by pasting the embed URL into the HTML editor–the video button thingy seemed to choke on the URL.

      I may have the same Freak Brothers Amnesia Syndrome Bruce was talking about, but I don’t remember the comics featuring so much of them standing around not talking.

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