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  • Has the bitch ounce been outsourced?

    Posted on May 22nd, 2009 MudBug 56,021 comments


    As you all know the Bitch Ounce is the last ounce of beer in a 12oz bottle. People of honor drink all their beer, and those that leave the last ounce are…

    This is why many breweries produced stubby beers in the past. If the Bitch Ounce was not placed in the bottle, then everyone would drink the bottle dry, and there would be no waste.

    Unfortunately in modern times, this sort of enforced respect for beer has fallen out of favor (except of course for Session, but that’s a whole nother blog post)

    And then I found this beer in my dads fridge, my uncle had left it there. I was enjoying the unconventional lines of the bottle, and then realized this beer contained significantly less Bitch beer than most US beers. I’m not sure what the long term ramification of foreign bitch ounce reduction will be, but I have written the Dept of Commerce to ensure the G8 will place significant penalty on countries that attempt to dump their Bitch Ounces onto other countries.