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  • Beach Death Session 2 – A Mini-Symposium hosted by Vultures, Ravens, and Bald Eagles

    Posted on September 29th, 2009 MudBug 29,192 comments

    The islands are riddled with deer, thanks to the lack of any predators ‘cept those that kill with cars or powder.  As a result, many of the youthful prey animals find themselves unable to create a life for themselves in the places where they are born.

    Most find a way to eke by, tonguing carrots from the tourists and greyhairs, taking sneaky hits of herbs from  gardens, and accepting a shadow life filled with vermin, overcrowding, and wandering.

    The stubborn ones get it in their bony head that there’s something more out there.  They stare at the horizon and let the green trees and clear beaches fill their minds with poison dreams.  One morning they walk into the water and start swimming, challenging the world to show them more.


    Most end up like this.  On another beach, but without the spark of their dreams to keep them moving.  Transformed into something new, their eyes and orifices become the meals of ravens, their skin feed the crabs and sandworms, and their flesh eventually satiates the eagles and the vultures. It’s not a sad thing, and the benefactors welcome their new found friend with ritual and observance.  An age-old question of Try-and-Die, or live in squalor.