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  • Thar she blows tea

    Posted on July 27th, 2009 MudBug 30,710 comments
    Cetaceous Herbology

    Cetaceous Herbology

    Saw this as I rode the bus home today.  It made me wonder.  Does the whale blow tea?  Does the whale rely on an intermediary to provide the fire to light the tea?  Or does the whale possess mastery of fire?  That said, should I quit my job to re-interpret Moby Dick in a world where the whale posesses fire and is capable of retaliation against Ahab, but is restrained through long term meditation with the crew of whalers that seek the whales demise? Would cetaceous understanding overcome a primal desire for survival, and is that a higher level of understanding than our human/primitive conciousness, or is it a weakness that scedes mamallian control of the planet to the apes?

    (or, prehaps I’m trying to bury the picture of that guy who kinda looks like me a long long time ago?)